F-14 Tomcat Pictures

  1. Tomcat Farewell - under clear blue sky, an F-14 Tomcat makes a low flyby pass over the ceremony that ended the Tomcat's long service in the US Navy. Picture by Julian R. Moorefield III, USN.

  2. Golden sky - F-14 Tomcat flies over orange gold and brown sunlit cloud cover and horizon, while the sky above remain dark blue. Picture by Scott Timmester, U.S. Navy.

  3. Flyby 1 - a F-14 Tomcat performs a high-speed pass at very low altitude, producing a white cloud of air turbulence over itself. Picture by Ramon Preciado, U.S. Navy.

  4. Flyby 2 - a F-14 Tomcat, seen from front as it's making a low altitude high speed flyby, with a round white cloud of turbulence all around it. Picture by David Valdez, U.S. Navy.

  5. Flyby 3 - F-14 Tomcat seen from front as it makes a near supersonic low altitude fly-by above the flight deck. The white water vapor cloud around the aircraft is so dense that the Tomcat's tails are not visible. Picture by Nathan Laird, U.S. Navy.

  6. Black Tomcat - a shiny black F-14 Tomcat over the blue ocean off the Florida keys. Picture by Shane A. Cuomo, USAF.

  7. Afterburners 1 - F-14 Tomcat takes off from a land runway with afterburners. Picture by David Valdez, U.S. Navy.

  8. Afterburners 2 - F-14 Tomcat with afterburners and visible jet wash after takeoff, over an all gray sky background. Picture by Spike Call, U.S. Navy.

  9. Afterburners 3 - F-14 Tomcat with full afterburners, at the exact moment after leaving the flight deck of an aircraft carrier at takeoff. Picture by Lance H. Mayhew Jr, U.S. Navy.

  10. Tomcat landing - a F-14 Tomcat flying over the wide wake of an aircraft carrier just before its lands on its flight deck. Picture by Rex Nelson, U.S. Navy.

  11. Tomcat high - a F-14 Tomcat flies high over a golden sunlit sea. Picture by Dana Potts, U.S. Navy.

  12. Diamond formation - Four F-14 Tomcats perform a diamond formation flyby overhead, lit by the sun from right, over clear blue sky background. Picture by Kristopher Wilson, U.S. Navy.

  13. Two Tomcats 1 - a pair of F-14 Tomcats flying low overhead under clear blue sky. Picture by John Collins, U.S. Navy.

  14. Two Tomcats 2 - Two gray F-14 Tomcats with black tails fly high over a partly clouded sea. Picture by Dana Potts, U.S. Navy.

  15. Wingtip contrails - a F-14 Tomcat, lit by the sun, pulls out of a dive at low altitude with white wingtip contrails over clear blue sky background. Picture by Daniel J. Mclain, U.S. Navy.

  16. Tomcat over sunset - the sun sets in the distant red horizon under a shadowy F-14 Tomcat. Picture by Dana Potts, U.S. Navy.

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