F-4 Phantom Pictures

The F-4 Phantom II is one of the most successful military aircraft in history. A record-breaking wonder and an awesome fighting machine, this former king of the sky still flies in several air forces.

  1. Echelon formation - the same four F-4 Phantoms in a right echelon formation, seen from left. Picture by USAF.

  2. Three generations - an F-4 Phantom leads a formation with an F-15C Eagle and F-22 Raptor. They represent three generations of twin-engine air superiority jet fighters from the 1960s to the 21st century. Picture by Daniel J. McLain, USN.

  3. Three generations 2 - the same formation, seen from right and below. Picture by Daniel J. McLain, USN.

  4. Bombs away - a F-4E Phantom II aircraft releasing eighteen bombs while on a shallow dive, seen from right. Picture by David Nolan, USAF.

  5. F-4 low pass - a F-4 Phantom making a very low pass during an air show.

  6. F-4 turning - a F-4 Phantom turning left during an aerobatics air show, seen from front.

  7. Go around - a gray F-4 Phantom making a turn overhead with its gear down.

  8. Japanese Phantom - a green gray F-4 Phantom with a Road Runner marking on its tail seen from bottom right. This aircraft flies with squadron 501 of the Japanese Air Force.

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