Other Aircraft Pictures

  1. Biplane Aerobatics - a red and white biplane aerobatics aircraft climbs vertically with a large white smoke trail. Picture by Sahara L. Fales, USAF.

  2. Tu-95 Bear - a Russian Tu-95 Bear Bomber at high altitude off the coast of Alaska, seen from left, escorted by an F-15 Eagle. With eight propellers in four contra-rotating pairs and the most powerful turboprop engines ever built, the 1950s-era Tu-95 remains the fastest propeller-driven aircraft. Picture by USAF.

  3. Beriev Be-12 - close up of a Ukrainian navy Beriev Be-12 amphibious anti-submarine and patrol aircraft as it makes a low pass over the Black Sea, seen from right under clear blue sunny sky. Picture by John Herman, USN.

  4. Global Hawk - a RQ-4 Global Hawk unmanned aerial vehicle prepares to land, seen from front left. Picture by John Schwab, USAF.

  5. Four Contrails - the four sunlit vapor trails of a four-engine jet aircraft passing high overhead in a cold and perfectly clear day over Latrabjarg, the westernmost point in Iceland.

  6. Red Arrows - eight Royal Air Force Red Arrows aerobatic team jets in V formation being escorted by a F-22 Raptor off the US east coast, seen from right. Picture by Samuel Rogers, USAF.

  7. Catalina Water Bomber - a WWII-era PBY-6A Catalina seaplane releases its load of water, seen from front and below. Picture by Tucker M. Yates, USN.

  8. Orion - a P-3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft, seen from right over the snow covered Mount Fuji in Japan. Picture by Elizabeth L. Burke, USN.

  9. T-45 Goshawk - a pair of T-45 Goshawk maritime trainer aircraft, seen from right and below under clear blue sky. Picture by Lee Thackston, USN.

  10. Centennial of Flight - an exact replica of the 1905 Wright Flyer, the first practical aircraft, repeats the historic first flight over the same location exactly 100 years later, seen from left, this time in color. Picture by USAF.

  11. Hang Glider - a hang glider lit by the sun, passing overhead under clear blue sky.

  12. Light aircraft - a slender modern shaped white light aircraft passing low overhead under clear blue sky.

  13. Mile High - the beautifull view from mile high of a coastal city, the clear blue sea and sky, white clouds in the distance, and the right aircraft wing with a red and white Swissair logo on the wingtip fin, moments after takeoff.

  14. Passing jetliner - an in-flight picture of a bright sun lit jetliner passing diagonally at higher altitude with white contrails under the perfectly clear blue sky at high altitude.

  15. SE5a overhead - a World War I SE5a fighter replica making an overhead pass.

  16. SE5a loop - a World War I SE5a fighter replica climbing straight up while making a loop.

  17. Wing view - the morning view from the passenger's window, several miles high over Europe.

  18. Colorful kite 1 - a colorful kite overhead in clear blue sky.

  19. Colorful kite 2 - the same colorful kite from a different angle.

  20. Stearman Kaydet 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 - ten selected pictures from a low altitude air show flight of a truly classic 1930s biplane, the Boeing Stearman Kaydet. The Stearman in these pictures belongs to the Israel Air Force Museum.

  21. Glider - a white glider passes overhead, lit by the afternoon sun in clear blue sky.

  22. Ultra light - a blue and white ultra light aircraft passing overhead, lit by the winter sun over clear blue sky background.

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