RC Airplane Pictures

    Pictures of radio controlled airplanes and helicopters, flown by top flyers in an RC airplane airshow.

  1. Climb and turn - a white RC biplane with red blue and gray stripes turns while climbing, seen from below.

  2. RC Concord flyby - other than its size, this jet powered Concord RC airplane looks, and sounded, like the real Concord.

  3. Vertical 1 - a white red and blue Ultimate RC biplane in vertical climb.

  4. Spin and smoke - a black RC airplane descending in a deliberate spin while releasing a spiral white smoke trail.

  5. Vertical 2 - a black RC airplane in vertical climb.

  6. Smoke trail - a black RC airplane with yellow stripes leaves a white smoke trail over blue sky background as it climbs, seen from behind.

  7. Low overhead flyby - a yellow RC airplane in a low overhead flyby, looks really big.

  8. Sun glare - the sun's glare is reflected from both wings of a RC airplane with a Texas flag color scheme as it climbs over blue sky background.

  9. Night airshow - a RC helicopter flying inverted close to the ground at night over a background of burning flares.

  10. Sukhoi aerobatic - a sub-scale model of the famous Sukhoi aerobatic airplane hovering vertically at if it was a helicopter.

  11. Spitfire 1 - a WWII Spitfire RC airplane with a black color scheme approaches landing.

  12. German Stork - a WWII German Stork light aircraft RC airplane with a German desert camouflage color scheme, flying low over a desert.

  13. Spitfire 2 - a WWII Spitfire RC airplane with WWII Royal Air Force color scheme approaches landing.

  14. Low flyby - another low RC airplane flyby, this one seen from below with white blue and red stars colors.

  15. Inverted - this red white and blue RC airplane makes a pass while flying inverted over clear sky background.

  16. RC Hercules - built and painted as a sub-scale model of the Blue Angels aerobatic team's C-130 Hercules support aircraft, this four-engines RC airplane looks like a real Hercules.

  17. RC jet glider - a close up of a white jet powered RC glider airplane, this way it couples the speed of a jet and the art of gliding.

  18. Air dance - two RC airplanes performing a close formation low speed air dance, circling each other while releasing white smoke trails.

  19. F9F Panther - this jet powered RC airplane is an exact sub-scale model of the 1950s aircraft carrier based F9F Panther fighter.

  20. Helicopter - a small aerobatic RC helicopter, rotating.

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