Spitfire Pictures

    The British Spitfire was one of the best fighter aircraft of World War II. A highly maneuverable fighter, it fought during the entire war, but is remembered most for its key role in the Battle Of Britain.
    Over 20,000 Spitfires were produced, in over 20 types.

    Here is a unique series of selected pictures, taken in flight from a short distance, of a single Spitfire Mk. IX aircraft that is still being regularly flown by the Israel Air Force Museum, over 60 years after it was produced. The aircraft is painted with a shiny black color, that looks best in the Mediterranean's bright sunlight, and decorated with a red nose, red lightning from nose to tail at its sides, and red tail stripes.

  1. Spitfire 1 - seen from left over a perfect blue sky background as it rolls left.

  2. Spitfire 2 - rolled almost vertically to left, over blue sky background.

  3. Spitfire 3 - seen from left over blue sky background.

  4. Spitfire 4 - seen from a few more meters away.

  5. Spitfire 5 - seen from front left, during a turn left.

  6. Spitfire 6 - flying low over the blue sea along the shoreline.

  7. Spitfire 7 - flying over a shoreline.

  8. Spitfire 8 - flying low over the beige soil of the Negev desert.

  9. Spitfire 9 - flying over the Negev desert.

  10. Spitfire 10 - turning away, breaking formation.

  11. Spitfire 11 - flying over the sea opposite of Tel Aviv's shoreline.

  12. Spitfire 12 - flying over an urban area.

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