Monkeys Pictures

  1. Baby Baboon 1 - a baby baboon, dark with pink nose and ears, hugged by its gray mother.

  2. Alone - a Brown Lemur alone at the top of a pole with a contemplative look.

  3. Lemurs 1 - a group of seven lemurs on a tree.

  4. Lemurs 2 - close up of two Lemurs on a tree, seen from below.

  5. Hamadryas Baboon - a large Hamadryas Baboon walking, seen from left.

  6. The drill Mandrill 1 - a red faced large male Mandrill Baboon with an incredibly wide opened mouth and a furious look, and a much smaller Baboon in front of it with its ear almost inside the big male's mouth. It looks like the monkey world's grotesque equivalent of a military drill instructor shouting at a new recruit. In fact, the big male Mandrill was just yawning.

  7. The drill Mandrill 2 - and here it is seconds later, with its mouth closed, a large color faced Mandrill Baboon, sitting with a family member.

  8. Baby Baboons - two baby baboons and a little older friend, with baboon mom right behind them. Picture by Inna Fainitsky.

  9. Baby Baboon 2 - two baby baboons sitting next to mom. Picture by Inna Fainitsky.

  10. Baboon baby - a Baboon baby and its mother. She kept holding the end of the baby's long tail in its hand all the time to keep it safe near her, which was quite funny to see sometimes.

  11. Pampered Baboon - a large gray Hamadryas Baboon being deloused by family members.

  12. Baboon - close up on a baboon , seen from front while it is looking aside.

  13. Young Baboon - a young brown Baboon.

  14. Brown Lemurs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 - a series of pictures of cute furry Brown Lemurs eating their lunch. I particularly focused on the baby Lemurs, riding on the backs of their mothers. Lemurs are not monkeys, but closely related.

  15. Squirrel Monkeys - two gold and brown Squirrel Monkeys on a thick rope, one facing forward and one backward.

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