Penguin Pictures

    Penguins are the most famous natural inhabitants of Antarctica, the ice-covered continent around Earth's South Pole. Penguins are birds which can not fly, but can waddle on their short legs, ski on their bellies on the endless ice, and swim and dive like a seal. Add their looks to it, and no wonder kids love them. The pictures in this page were taken by NOAA scientific researchers in Antarctica and nearby islands.

  1. Chinstrap penguin - a Chinstrap penguin with its small grey chick under it on their nest of stones, seen from left. Picture by Wayne Trivelpiece, NOAA.

  2. Penguin Chick - a downy grey penguin chick on a small patch of grass between volcanic rocks covered with lichen. Picture by Wayne Trivelpiece, NOAA.

  3. Swimming penguins - a group of penguins with orange beaks swimming together on the ocean surface, seen from left. Picture by Summer Martin, NOAA.

  4. Chinstrap penguins - two Chinstrap penguins, one on top of the other, seen from right. Picture by Mike Goebel, NOAA.

  5. Two chicks - two little Chinstrap penguin chicks under their parent, seen from front. Picture by Mike Goebel, NOAA.

  6. Penguins 1 - penguins waddle on a dark rocky beach in front of a large sea lion, seen from left, lit by the sun. Picture by Tara Clemente, NOAA.

  7. Penguins 2 - many penguins on the beach at Seal Island. Picture by NOAA.

  8. Penguin 1 - an Adelie penguin.

  9. Penguin 2 - two Emperor penguins skiing on their bellies.

  10. Penguin 3 - an Adelie penguin.

  11. Penguin 4 - an Emperor penguin.

  12. Penguin 5 - a head close-up of a King Penguin.

  13. Penguin 6 - a group of penguins on top of an iceberg.

  14. Penguin 7 - Emperor penguin chick.

  15. Penguin 8 - Chinstrap penguin and two chicks.

  16. Penguin 9 - two King Penguins.

  17. Penguin 10 - an Adelie penguin walking.

  18. Penguin 11 - three Emperor penguins.

  19. Penguin 12 - Emperor penguin watching three large chicks.

  20. Penguin 13 - group of Emperor penguin chicks.

  21. Penguin 14 - Chinstrap penguins surfing the waves.

  22. Penguin 15 - Chinstrap penguin nesting colony.

  23. Penguin 16 - two Emperor penguins.

  24. Penguin 17 - a colony of Emperor penguins with many chicks.

  25. Penguin 18 - three Chinstrap penguins waddling.

  26. Penguin 19 - a group of King Penguins walking on the beach.

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