Seals Pictures

    The pictures in this page were taken by NOAA researchers.

  1. Seal pups 1 - Fur seal pups grouped between a rock and a wood, one is looking at the camera. Picture by NOAA.

  2. Seal pups 2 - Northern fur seal pups grouped between rocks near the ocean. Picture by NOAA.

  3. Seal pups 3 - close up of two young elephant seals, seen from front. Picture by Barbara Taylor, NOAA.

  4. Seal with pup - close up of a grey seal with its black pup. Picture by Mike Goebel, NOAA.

  5. Spotted Seal - a close-up on the face of a spotted seal, resting on ice in the Bering Sea, off Alaska.

  6. Big Spotted Seal - a large fat spotted seal looking up to the camera.

  7. Sea lion on rock - an adult black sea lion on a rock in the ocean, raising its body to observe for what's behind the rock.

  8. Fur Seal Pups - two cute fur seal pups in the South Georgia Island.

  9. Sea lions - three sea lions in the Pacific Ocean's water off Monterey, California.

  10. Walrus - close up of a huge Walrus, seen from front right. Picture by USFWS.

  11. Walruses - close up of a group of Pacific Walruses on a beach. Picture by USFWS.

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