Snake Pictures

  1. Diamondback - a large and very thick diamondback rattlesnake lies across a road, seen from front. Picture by Kenny Allen, NASA.

  2. Western Diamondback - a group of venomous Western Diamondback rattlesnakes, gathered between rocks, in defensive warning postures. Picture by USAF.

  3. Mohave Rattlesnake - a Mohave Rattlesnake in a defensive ready to strike position. Picture by R. Whittle, USAF.

  4. Wandering Garter Snake - close up of the head of a Wandering Garter Snake with its long split red and black toungue fully out, seen from below under blue sky background. Picture by USFWS.

  5. Mexican Rattlesnake - close up of a Mexican Ridged Nosed Rattlesnake. Picture by USFWS.

  6. Brown tree snake - a long and slender Brown tree snake, seen from above. Picture by USFWS.

  7. Milk Snake - a red black and white Pueblan Milk Snake.

  8. Desert Racer Snake - close up from front of the head of a slender Desert Racer snake.

  9. Horned Viper - a venomous Horned Viper snake, partly dug in sand, seen from above.

  10. Roger's Racer - close up of the head of a Roger's Racer snake, seen from right.

  11. Arabian Horned Viper - a venomous Arabian Horned Viper, seen from above.

  12. Hidden in sand - a venomous Horned Viper snake almost entirely dug in sand.

  13. Ottoman Viper 1 - a gray and black venomous Ottoman Viper snake (Vipera xanthina).

  14. Ottoman Viper 2 - close up from front on an Ottoman Viper snake.

  15. Ottoman Viper 3 - even closer close up on an Ottoman Viper snake.

  16. Ottoman Viper 4 - a very close close up on the head of a gray and black venomous Ottoman Viper snake.

  17. Sahara Desert Viper - a sharp close-up from above of the small but venomous sand colored Sahara Desert Viper snake (Cerastes Vipera).

  18. Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake - a close up on an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake, the biggest and most dangerous venomous snake in North America, folded around itself in a circle.

  19. Racer Snake - a brown racer (Coluber Ravergieri), this non venomous snake looks much like the venomous Viper.

  20. Anaconda - close up on a huge anaconda snake.

  21. Sawscale Viper - a close-up on the head of a Sawscale Viper (Echis Coloratus) resting on a similar colored rock.

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