Whales Pictures

  1. Humpback whale 1 - a humpback whale with very large white flippers, seen in a back jump out of the water, off Massachusetts. Picture by NOAA.

  2. Humpback whale 2 - a huge humpback whale, its body almost entirely out of the water in a jump, seen from front left, between the spalshes of two other whales already back under the surface. Picture by Elliott Hazen, NOAA.

  3. Humpback whale 3 - a huge humpback whale, half of its body out of the water in a big jump, seen from right. Picture by Elliott Hazen, NOAA.

  4. Whale and calf - a huge whale and its very big calf beside it surface to exhale, seen from above. Picture by NOAA.

  5. Right whales - two Right whales, seen from above on the ocean surface, one is pushing the other at its right side. Picture by NOAA.

  6. Killer whales - a group of killer whales, some showing only their tall black dorsal fins. Picture by Wayne Hoggard, NOAA.

  7. Minke whale - a Minke whale on the ocean surface, its double blowhole open for breathing, seen from behind. Picture by Wayne Hoggard, NOAA.

  8. Exhaling - a whale exhaling on the ocean surface, seen from behind and above. Picture by Amy Van Cise, NOAA.

  9. Gray whale - a young western pacific gray whale breaching to the surface near a beach, seen from right. Its extensive scarring is from killer whale teeth. Picture by NOAA.

  10. Blue whale - a big blue whale, seen from above, part of its back out of the water and rest just below the surface. Picture by NOAA.

  11. Whale off Cape Cod - a whale breaking the surface in beautiful deep blue water, North East of Provincetown, Cape Cod. Picture by Bryce H. Nolting.

  12. Humpback whale tail - the tail of a humpback whale over calm water, while the whale is underwater. Picture by NOAA.

  13. Killer Whale - a large male killer whale's back and tall back fin above the water surface in a calm bay. Picture by NOAA.

  14. Humpback Whales - two humpback whales in the southern ocean. Picture by NOAA.

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