1000 pictures FAQ and contact page

Here are answers to frequently asked questions. If they don't answer your question, or if you just want to tell me what you think about the website, then please email me.

Permission to use pictures for commercial purposes, prints
If you request permission to use a picture for commercial purpose, or require a print, please specify the name or exact URL of the particular picture or pictures.

Permission to use pictures (non-commercial)
If you wish to use pictures for a school project or other non-profit purpose (church, animal shelter, etc) then feel free to do so.

Do you sell posters, puppies ?
Sorry, but I don't sell posters, puppies, kittens.

I wish to contribute pictures to your site.
Thank you. If you took sharp pictures which are suitable for the site, feel free to email them to me at
1000pictures@irauri.net . Your contribution will be fully credited by displaying you name and, if you wish, your email. I can't guarantee if or when I will put your pictures online.

Visitor Comments
If you wish to enlighten me about a picture, or correct an error in its text description, or just tell me what you think about this website, I very much appreciate that. Please email me at 1000pictures@irauri.net .

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