Fall Foliage Pictures

  1. Bright orange - a large tree with orange and yellow fall foliage so bright as if on fire. Picture by Eileen McVey, NOAA.

  2. Overlooking Lake - a grove of trees with multi-colored fall foliage overlooking Lake Superior near Marquette Harbor, Michigan. Picture by Mark Stacey, NOAA.

  3. Red foliage - close up of a dense cover of fallen red leaves on the ground.

  4. Fall foliage at Cornell 1 - the long Cayuga Lake, the largest of New York's Finger Lakes, as seen from Cornell University during the fall season. Picture by Bryce H. Nolting.

  5. Fall foliage at Cornell 2 - colorful trees along a stream, and a small waterfall, at Cornell University, NY. Picture by Bryce H. Nolting.

  6. Fall Foliage 1 - roadside forest in red and orange.

  7. Fall Foliage 2 - a sloped hill in red orange purple and green under clear blue sky.

  8. Fall Foliage 3 - close-up of red maple leaves.

  9. Fall Foliage 4 - a forest in red orange and yellow.

  10. Fall Foliage 5 - a forest in red orange and green.

  11. Fall Foliage 6 - red and green foliage emerging among the green.

  12. Fall Foliage 7 - yellow treetops.

  13. Fall Foliage 8 - a yellow and green hill, with red at the top near a deep blue stream.

  14. Fall Foliage 9 - close-up of a tree with red foliage.

  15. Yellow Maple - an entirely yellow foliage on this maple tree. Picture by Vitaly Fainitsky (contact directly for full size original or print).

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