Geyser Pictures

    Geysers are a marvel to see. A large bubble of hot steam is quietly heated deep underground for some time and then bursts out into the open air in a huge pillar of boiling water. The big blue bubble of water at the moment of the eruption is amazing. The first historically documented geysers are at Geysir, Iceland. Here is a series of pictures showing the stages of the eruption of Strokkur, the more active geyser at Geysir, which regularly erupts every several minutes. Also visit our Iceland pictures topic.

  1. Strokkur 1 - the geyser eruption cycle begins when the round pool of blue hot water suddenly rises up, pushed by the white bubble of white steam which appears beneath it, rising from deep under ground.

  2. Strokkur 2 - the moment before the eruption, the blue water bubble is rapidly pushed up by the white steam bubble inside it which is about to burst.

  3. Strokkur 3 - the moment of eruption, the white steam bubble bursts out of the containing blue water bubble.

  4. Strokkur 4 - the bursting steam starts to rise up from the popped blue bubble.

  5. Strokkur 5 - a pillar of hot steam bursts up.

  6. Strokkur 6 - a pillar of hot steam bursts up.

  7. Strokkur 7 - the full eruption, over 20 meters high.

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