Man Made Landscape Pictures

  1. Jefferson Memorial Sunrise - the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. seen in a magnificent fiery winter sunrise, reflected in the Tidal Basin. Picture by NOAA.

  2. Wind Power 1 - three blade wind turbines, seen from behind left. These wind turbines are at the remote Ascension island in the south Atlantic ocean, about 1000 miles from the nearest continent. Picture by Lance Cheung, USAF.

  3. Lights in the sky - a thin arc of bright light rising high into the clear starry sky, accompanied by powerful blue beams, in this long exposure photo of a satellite space launch. Picture by USAF.

  4. Windmills - classic dutch windmills on the water's edge. Picture by Inna Fainitsky.

  5. Holstentor - the brick gothic style medieval city gate of the city of Lubeck, Germany, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Picture by Inna Fainitsky.

  6. Funicular - red funicular cable cars over the lush green slope of a mountain in switzerland, seen from a higher cable car. Picture by Inna Fainitsky.

  7. Cruise Ship 1 - a large white cruise ship near land at southern Italy, seen from left.

  8. Explosion 1 - a large explosion with an orange fireball surrounded by thick black smoke during munitions disposal training. Picture by Kathryn Whittenberger, USN.

  9. Submarine - close up of the tower and middle section of a partially surfaced Ohio class ballistic nuclear missiles submarine, seen from front right. Picture by James Kimber, USN.

  10. Dam - the Friant Dam, north of Fresno, California, filled to the top, seen from above. Picture by Pete Fickenscher, NOAA.

  11. Easter Island Moai - fifteen standing Moai, large monolithic human figures carved from rock, at Easter Island. Picture by Elizabeth Crapo, NOAA.

  12. Statue of Liberty 1 - the Statue of Liberty at Liberty Island in New York harbor, seen from front. Picture by NOAA.

  13. Statue of Liberty 2 - close up of the Statue of Liberty, seen from front. Picture by NOAA.

  14. Mount Rushmore 1 - four famous US presidents faces carved in rock on the slope of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Picture by Jerry Penry, NOAA.

  15. Wind Power 2 - a huge sun lit three blade wind turbine, seen from below under blue sky. Picture by Blair Heusdens, U.S. Army.

  16. Balloons - hundreds of sun lit red white and blue balloons floating up to the sky. Picture by Brendan Morgan, USN.

  17. Solar power - thousands of photovoltaic solar panels in a solar power array in Nevada. Picture by Nadine Y. Barclay, USAF.

  18. Fire - close up of a massive wall of orange flames, created for a firefighting exercise. Picture by Kathrine McDowell, USAF.

  19. Red boats - a formation of many small red motor boats sailing at high speed with wide white wakes on the Atlantic Ocean, seen from front and above. Picture by David Danals, USN.

  20. Mount Rushmore 2 - the monumental granite sculpture of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, lit by the sun, seen from F-18E Super Hornets flying over it. Picture by Anthony Dobson, USN.

  21. National Mall - an aerial view of the National Mall in Washington, D.C. from the Lincoln Memorial to the Capitol and beyond, seen from west. Picture by Johnny Bivera, USN.

  22. Stratosphere tower - a view of the Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas from the street below.

  23. Round skyscraper - a round shaped skyscraper office building, seen from below, as if reaching the sky.

  24. Stairway to Heaven - the main stairway up the 6000 years old Ziggurat at Ur, seen from its bottom as if it's reaching the sky, as its ancient builders intended.. Picture by U.S. Army.

  25. Manhattan 1 - a general view of Manhattan, looking north from the observation deck at the 86th floor of the Empire State Building.

  26. Manhattan 2 - a general view of downtown Manhattan and beyond, looking south from the observation deck at the 86th floor of the Empire State Building.

  27. Explosion 2 - a large blazing explosion, with flares and shrapnel shooting up and to the sides from the fireball, in a controlled detonation of explosives. Picture by USAF.

  28. Explosion 3 - a bright blazing explosion in an empty valley with snowy mountain slopes in the background, in a controlled detonation of explosives. Picture by Marci Boozer, USAF.

  29. Tapestry - close up of a tapestry with many patterns from the old city bazaar in Jerusalem.

  30. Jewel boxes - close up of a colorful collection of oriental style ornate round small jewel boxes in a bazaar.

  31. Misty Fortress - a medieval fortress on a high mountain summit, surrounded by mist in a cloud.

  32. Berlin Wall - a contemporary picture of one of the remaining segments of the 1961-1989 Berlin Wall which separated East Berlin from West Berlin until Germany was reunited.

  33. Statue of Liberty 3 - the Statue of Liberty at New York, seen from a Knighthawk helicopter in a clear sunny morning. Picture by Latrice Ames, USN.

  34. Golden Gate - san Francisco's famous Golden Gate Bridge as seen from the top of its southern tower at noon. Picture by Sandra Gomes, USN.

  35. Bridge on river - a long bridge crossing a wide river, with blue sky above and blue water below, on the Orwell river in East England. Picture by Hans Schreuder.

  36. Cruise Ship 2 - at 105,000 tons, the Costa Magica is one of the world's biggest and most modern cruise ships, seen here at Malta Harbor. Picture by Hans Schreuder.

  37. Sleeping Figure - a sand sculpture of a man asleep covered with a blanket embedded with lines of seashells.

  38. Bell - a classic style large metal bell hanging in the sun over blue sky background.

  39. Front lawn with a view - the view from a wide front lawn overlooking a large lake about 1000 ft below and the mountains behind it.

  40. Floating tennis ball - close up of a yellow tennis ball lit by the sun as it floats in a swimming pool.

  41. The Great Wall 1 - a view of (a very small part of) The Great Wall in China. Picture by NOAA.

  42. The Great Wall 2 - an aerial view of a part of the Great Wall in China, winding over a dark mountain. Picture by NOAA.

  43. Golden domes - the golden onion-shaped domes of the Trinity Cathedral in Kostroma, Russia, reflecting the afternoon sunlight between trees.

  44. Camp fire - a camp fire, shortly after it was ignited.

  45. Fireplace - fire blazing in yellow orange and red in a fireplace.

  46. Saint Basil's Cathedral - the famous Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow's Red Square, with its unique colorful onion shaped domes.

  47. The Kremlin - The Kremlin citadel in Moscow, Russia's center of government for centuries, and the adjacent Red Square.

  48. Metro tunnel - one of the tunnels descending to Moscow's very deep underground transportation network.

  49. Rocket - a statue shaped like a silvery pointed 1950s space comics style winged rocket on top of a tall black mast, pointing to the clear blue sky above, commemorating the first manned space flight.

  50. Basalt gate - the gate, in a wall made of large black basalt stones, of a 12th century fortress.

  51. Soap bubbles - many large soap bubbles floating in mid air, lit by the sun over a background of olive trees.

  52. Wind Power 3 - two 80 meter high three-blade wind-powered turbines, lit by the afternoon sun over blue sky background.

  53. Toy boat - it may look like a cute child's toy, but it's a real harbor boat in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Picture by Inna Fainitsky.

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