Mountain Pictures

  1. Mount Fuji 1 - Japan's famous Mount Fuji, entirely covered with bright sunlit snow, is clearly seen from an aircraft that flies just above the clouds in clear blue sky. Picture by Juan Torres, USAF.

  2. Olympic Mountains - a very steep and rugged mountain peak, partially covered with snow, in the Olympic Mountains, Washington. Picture by NOAA.

  3. Mount Fairweather - Mount Fairweather, one of the world's highest coastal mountains, covered with snow, seen from the Gulf of Alaska on a clear sunny day. Picture by NOAA.

  4. Mt. Sukakpak - the rugged and very steep slope and peaks of Sukakpak Mountain, beside the Dalton Highway in Alaska, partially covered with snow. Picture by NOAA.

  5. Mount Fuji 2 - Japan's most famous mountain, with its summit and slopes almost fully covered with snow, in a sunny winter day. Picture by Michael Washburn, USAF.

  6. Lush Mountains - lush green sunlit mountain slopes, then more and higher mountains inland, along the east coast of Spain.

  7. Wooden Cross - a large wooden cross at the top of a steep and narrow green mountain summit in Switzerland overlooking the forested valley below. Picture by Inna Fainitsky.

  8. Cliff - a steep rocky cliff high over the deep blue sea below, seen from a higher point above.

  9. Annapurna - a view of mount Annapurna in the Himalayas, one of the highest in the world, its snow cover lit by the sun under perfectly clear blue sky. Picture by Lev Glick.

  10. Mesa - the vertical slope of a red rock mesa, lit by the sun before sunset. Picture by Janet Ward, NOAA.

  11. Togwotee Pass - the rugged summit line and near vertical slopes of Togwotee Pass, Wyoming, still with plentiful snow on a clear early summer day. Picture by David Goodrich, NOAA.

  12. Devil's Tower - the famous and unique Devil's Tower mountain in Wyoming. Picture by Jerry Penry, NOAA.

  13. Ice pinnacles - a line of tall ice covered pinnacles, lit from right by the sun under dark blue sky, and snow covered peaks in the background. Picture by USFWS.

  14. Mount Fuji 3 - a close view of the white summit and dark slopes of Mount Fuji, Japan's most famous mountain. Picture by Bryan Reckard, USN.

  15. Mt. Rempart, Mauritius - the dark serrated peaks of Mt. Rempart, Mauritius, seen from the Tamarin Bay ocean beach at west Mauritius.

  16. Mount St. Helens - mount St. Helens emits steam and ash from its volcanic summit crater, seen from an aircraft above. Picture by Scott Taylor, USN.

  17. Forest fire - massive flames and smoke on a Southern California mountain side, as seen from a C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft acting as a water bomber. Picture by Dennis W. Goff, USAF.

  18. Volcanic eruption - red hot lava and black ash erupts from the side of mount Etna in Sicily, Italy, and a stream of lava flows down. Picture by Richard W. Williams, USN.

  19. Kamchatka Volcano - a large snow covered pyramid shaped volcano, towering high above the clouds at its base, Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. Picture by NOAA.

  20. Iceland 1 - brown volcanic landscape with patches of ice in Iceland. Picture by Avihai Diamantov.

  21. Iceland 2 - red brown volcanic land, white water vapor, gray sky make this Icelandic landscape look like it's on another planet. Picture by Avihai Diamantov.

  22. Rugged ridge 1 - The rugged and steep brown red mountains of biblical Edom, North East of the Gulf of Eilat.

  23. Rugged ridge 2 - a more distant panoramic view of the same rugged mountain ridge, showing more sky at the top of the picture.

  24. The Andes - a view further upwards to the top of Aconcagua mountain in the high Chilean Andes Mountains. Picture by NOAA.

  25. Remote Volcanoes 1 - an aerial view of snow covered volcanoes in the Kamchatka Peninsula at the far eastern end of Russia, one of the most remote places on Earth. Picture by NOAA.

  26. Remote Volcanoes 2 - a little closer aerial view of a snow covered volcano in the Kamchatka Peninsula in the Russian Far East. Picture by NOAA.

  27. Tip of South America - a view of the mountains from The Inside Passage, near the southern tip of the South American continent. Picture by NOAA.

  28. Kilimanjaro - towering high above the white cloud cover, Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, seen here from an airliner's cockpit.

  29. Montenegro - a small village in a beautiful green valley between rugged green and gray mountains in Montenegro. Picture by Hans Schreuder.

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