Sunset Pictures

  1. Ocean Sunset 1 - a glaring gold red and dark blue sunset, reflected off the water of the North Pacific Ocean. Picture by NOAA.

  2. Alaska Sunset 1 - a golden sunset in partly cloudy sky in the Gulf of Alaska. Picture by NOAA.

  3. Arctic Sunset 1 - a gold and orange sunset into the arctic ocean, seen from the beach in north Alaska. Picture by Steve Hillebrand, USFWS.

  4. Reflected Sunset - lines of clouds lit red by the sunset are reflected in water. Picture by USAF.

  5. Holyland Sunset - sunset over the southern half of the Sea of Galilee below, a moment before the setting sun disappears behind the mountains of the lower Galilee. The higher round mountain just to the left of the setting sun is Mount Tabor, the Mount of Transfiguration.

  6. Inland Sunset 1 - blue and orange sky and dark ground a moment before the sun disappears behind a nearby forested hill and a distant inland mountain ridge.

  7. Inland Sunset 2 - orange sky and dark ground, seconds before the sun disappears behind a nearby forested hill and a remote inland mountain ridge.

  8. Red Sky - red orange and gold sky and reddish ocean water due to low polar sun behind a mountain range in Antarctica. Picture by Summer Martin, NOAA.

  9. Off coast sunset - golden reddish summer sunset over the north east US coast, seen from the Atlantic ocean. Picture by NOAA.

  10. Arctic Sunset 2 - sunset over the arctic ocean ice with shadow bands between the clouds and sun light reflected from the water. Picture by Kelley Elliott, NOAA.

  11. Alaska Sunset 2 - reddish sky and water as the sun sets behind the mountains at Herring Bay, Alaska. Picture by Mandy Lindeberg, NOAA.

  12. Big Red Sunset - half the sun still over the horizon, painting it red over the Gulf of Mexico. Picture by Jeremy Adams, NOAA.

  13. Ocean sunset - the bright golden sun sets over the ocean's horizon and under a cloud, coloring the horizon red. Picture by Joshua Scott, USN.

  14. Ocean Sunset 2 - bright gold and orange sky and red sea as the big bright sun touch the horizon in a clear winter day in the Pacific Ocean. Picture by Brandon C. Wilson, USN.

  15. Southern sunset - the sun sets behind distant clouds, seen from a lake in South Africa.

  16. Northern Sunset 1 - the sky all blazing in red orange and yellow as the sun sets behind a tree, North East of Moscow, Russia.

  17. Northern Sunset 2 - a late sunset in gold and orange over a Russian forest.

  18. Northern Sunset 3 - the sky blazing in red and orange just after sunset.

  19. Maltese Sunset - a golden sunset over the sea, as seen from the island of Malta, in the center of the Mediterranean. Picture by Hans Schreuder.

  20. Sunset behind clouds 1 - hidden behind a cloud front over the sea, the sun paints the sky below the cloud in orange and the sky above in gold, and sends bright beam of bright light through a large gap in the cloud. Picture by Natasha Morozov.

  21. Sunset behind clouds 2 - hidden behind a cloud over the sea, the sun sends beams of light through multiple gaps in the cloud and paints the horizon orange. Picture by Natasha Morozov.

  22. Spherical sun - a half yellow half orange sphere, the sun sets behind an already dark hill, painintg the sky with dark and light orange.

  23. Beach sunset - a sailboat in the distance, and the yellow sun over the orange horizon, partly hidden by distant clouds.

  24. Desert sunset 1 - a distant golden winter sunset over a desert, with the shade side of the mountains already black while the sky above are still blue with sun light.

  25. Desert sunset 2 - rays of sunlight still light the edges of the clouds above as the sky and the grounds gets dark after sunset.

  26. Nova Scotia Sunset 1 - a lighthouse in a gold and orange sunset.

  27. Nova Scotia Sunset 2 - a gold and dark sunset over a bay.

  28. Nova Scotia Sunset 3 - a bright sun, a golden horizon, and a purple ocean.

  29. Nova Scotia Sunset 4 - distant sun just over the horizon.

  30. Nova Scotia Sunset 5 - the sun is already down behind a red horizon, but the distant clouds are still sun lit above it.

  31. Nova Scotia Sunset 6 - a quiet ocean bay and a gold and red horizon right after sunset.

  32. Bird over the sun - a large bird flying over the sun shortly before sunset. Picture by Vitaly Fainitsky (contact directly for full size original or print).

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